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With the recent move into autumn and recognising the need for heartier dishes during these colder months, what better way to start than with the ultimate Indian home comfort food, the Black Dhal (sometimes spelt ‘daal’ or ‘dal’). A stand-out recipe for us at Cookt, dhal is loaded with fibre, protein, magnesium, and all the good stuff. It’s also a great dish to master when cooking on a budget — how could we not share this all-rounder with you?

A thick puree-like soup made from lentils, dhal is an indispensable dish to most Indian thalis. We know at first, cooking a dhal can sound a little daunting, especially if you don’t fancy spending a day standing and stirring at the stove, but trust us on this one — it’s quicker than most and the outcome is well-worth it. It can be served up as part of a feast, or choose it as your hero dish alongside some rice or roti — though we here prefer mopping it all up with a delicious puri. …

Getting Cookt off the ground during lockdown this year had us all chatting about the recipes and dishes that have been getting us through this unexpected and stressful time. One thing we were all in agreement with was how home cooking has had the power to boost our moods, with most of us having more time to ourselves to cook a decent meal from scratch. Some of us experimented more — whether out of necessity or purely out of interest, but we hope that part is here to stay for everyone cooking from the comfort of their own homes.

So, we’ve rounded up our tasty lockdown lifelines for you to take a read through and hopefully inspire some of you to get cooking out there. We’re definitely hungrier after writing them all…


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